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5200 GPH Submersible Mag Drive Fish Pond Water Fountain Pump 450W 21ft H-max

  • Versatile pumps ideal for fish pond, fountain and waterfall use
  • Powerful, efficient magnetic drive motor, fish-safe because no oil is used
  • Designed for continuous duty operation, size of particles pumped up to 6mm
  • Completely submersible, UL listed, 28 ft. long power cord with 3-prong US plug
  • Dimension: 10.5x5x6inch, 5200GPH, maximum-head: 21.3 ft., 2.45A, inlet/outlet: 2" MPT, insert fitting accepts: 1"ID to 2" ID flex tubing
  • Product description
  • Size:APP-5000 (5200GPH)

High performance pump boasts power, energy efficiency and versatile installation all at a great value. The smartly priced Jebao APP Pump is the budget-friendly pump choice perfect for tackling all your pond and water garden needs delivering powerful flow rates while using less energy than similar comparable pumps.

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PondMaster - MDWP30-3000 Mag-Drive Waterfall Pump - 3000 GPH

PONDMASTER MAGNETIC DRIVE WATERFALL/SKIMMER PUMPS are high capacity pumps designed specifically for use in larger pond installations. These highly efficient units, featuring reliable ceramic bearings, deliver up to 3000 GPH, enough to create a dynamic, attractive waterfall or drive a medium to large size skimmer.
  • Low energy use
  • Specifically designed for use with skimmers and waterfalls
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation ok - Must be fully submerged
  • Powerful, efficient magnetic drive motor
  • Fish safe because no oil is used
  • Continuous duty operation
  • Completely submersible
  • Extra-large clog-resistant filter screen
  • Includes 1-1/2" Check valve
  • Extra long 20' power cord with grounded plug

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